Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers a month ago. I had always heard of this program but I never liked that I would have to pay to be a part of it (I am kind of cheap like that). But I have always heard great things. I had some friends that have tried it and I knew of one girl in particular who has lost over 100 pounds with Weight Watchers (what an amazing accomplishment!).

Now, I know how to lose weight. I learned about it in health class and an aerobics class in college. I know how many calories I should consume in a day to lose weight in a healthy way. I know what my heart rate should be when exercising to help burn fat. I know the foods I should eat and the foods I should avoid. I know the the healthy ways to cook, shop and live. But the fact is, I wasn't doing it. I was eating what I wanted, when I wanted and I certainly wasn't exercising.

I was having a conversation with my sister about my wanting a baby. And she talked to me about how I should lose weight first (in a very caring and compassionate manner). I knew this already but her speaking to me about it made it more real. She told me she saw a commercial that Weight Watchers was doing a promotion that you could join for free for a certain time period.

So, I sat down and did some research on the program and looked into locations and meeting times. I spoke with Jake about it. He was hesitant because I had to pay. He, like a lot of other people, assumed it was just a way for them to make money but he eventually came around and agreed that I should go. I set myself a date of when to go and I went. It was a little scary to go alone but I eventually got out of my car.

And you know what? I LOVE IT!

Weight Watchers is exactly what I have been needing all along. Here is why.

1) I have to get on a scale in front of someone else. - Only another staff member and they only comment when I have lost weight, but the fact that someone else knows how I have been doing is very motivating to me.

2) They celebrate my successes. This may make me sound conceited or something but I like that they cheer for me. It fits my personality well. (They always ask privately if they can celebrate with you before the meeting starts). They share with the group when I have reached my personal goals people clap for me! AND you get stickers every time you lose or reach goals. Who doesn't love STICKERS?!?!

3) They are empathetic to my struggles. This is a meeting full of people who are battling or have battled and won with their weight. It is so great to be in a room full of people that know what I am going through and are dealing with or have dealt with the same problem.

4) They have great ideas. At the meetings we share tips about all kinds of related topics like snack ideas, meal ideas, exercising methods, websites to look at, books to read, etc. I usually take notes in the meetings because they are so full of ideas. These really help me stack on track.

So far I have lost 13.8 pounds with this program. In a month! You can't argue with those kind of results!


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

13.8 pounds is AWESOME! keep it up! I am so excited for you!


cssolomon said...

Tricia, you are inspiring :) I am in the post pregnancy battle to lose the weight. Be careful, when I lost the weight is when I got pregnant :) LOL... I think you and I are built kind of the same, so believe me, I KNOW what you are (have been) going through. Keep up the good work. I've secretly been thinking about WW too...you are awesome :) Keep me posted!