Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ho Hum...

I'm going to take this quiet opportunity to post, finally! My students are all sleeping (well most) and my assistant is gone. So I am stuck at my desk supervising my snoozing students instead of packing my closet.

So, lets start with that. Yes, I am packing my classroom up. As you know, this is my first year to teach. I am currently employed with the largest school district in Oklahoma. With everyone else, our state is making cuts to their budget and this includes the education department. That means my district will have less money next year and has to budget for that. They have done a good job of cutting EVERYWHERE possible but they are currently cutting some 250 teachers from the classrooms next year. That 250, unfortunately, includes me. There is still a tiny ray of hope. The state budget has not been finalized yet, hopefully we will have less of a cut than expected and TPS will be able to hire some teachers back. If that does happen, it will take some time. Please say some prayers :)

So, not knowing has been rough. I am such a planner and I like to have everything lined out. I have known since March and tried to let God have this problem but I am failing now. As the year started to come to a close (only 10 more days with students!) it has become progressively harder. And EVERYONE asks about it. I told my Sunday school class and bible study class so they could pray for us and of course all the teachers in the building know. So, I am OFTEN asked about it. I know they are simply caring about me but saying "I have no job for next year" can really get to you after the 100th time. And of course, the Tulsa news channels are all over it, so I hear it on TV also.

I did get chosen to teach summer school, which is really great. I only work 4 weeks, for 20 hours a week and I get paid $23 an hour. Our plan is to put that money in savings to use in case I don't get a teaching job in the fall. That will help us pay bills and get by for awhile. But our HOPE is that I will have a job and we can use that money to buy couches and a fence!

Jake is working at Wal-Mart. He currently works undercover to catch people stealing. He really enjoys the job. He has a lot of fun. Unfortuneatly, the hours aren't great but they aren't horrible either. He just applied to get a promotion. He would be a zone manager. Not really management but close to it. He would have better hours and get a $2 an hour raise. That raise would be really helpful. Again, please say a little prayer for us :)

Our home is great. I love it! I am really hoping to actually decorate it with my summer school money. It is starting to feel kinda big for just the two of us... :) but that is tied to the job thing also.

I am sad to be leaving Addams. I have made some great friends here and I was looking forward to watching my pre-k students grow into 5th graders. There are some things I will not miss. There is a lot of politics and not-so-professional things going on behind the scenes.

There is my life these days. I'm sorry I am bad about updating. We don't have the Internet or a computer at home, so it's hard to update often. I need to try to do it more often, it is sort of therapeutic. :)