Thursday, April 30, 2009


Two days ago, my principal, a teachers assistant and the pre-k teacher leaving interviewed me for the pre-k job opening up at Jane Addams next year. After the interview, the principal told me she would let me know by the end of the week. The gossip around the school is that they didn't like the only other girl they interviewed. Teachers everywhere were whispering to me in the halls, "I told Mrs. Armstrong (the principal) that I really like you." It felt like I was being campaigned for! It was nice to have the approval of my peers.

I was waiting in major anticipation! This morning Mrs. Armstrong asked to talk to me on my plan period. I was sad, because my plan is at the end of the day. More waiting! About twenty minutes ago, I stepped into the hall to hang student work just as she passed by. She turned around, came to me and said, "Get ready for pre-k, you are the new teacher."

I HAVE A JOB! At a school that I know, with teachers and administration I know! Praise God! I am soooo excited! Not to mention, relieved.

Monday, April 27, 2009


So, for science we are learning about space for the rest of the year. I just started the unit today. I want to cover every aspect we can. Well, today was the first day. We talked about the universe. Of course, the question is, who created the universe? I wanted to talk about the different views of my students and the world. I presented it in an even way, not showing my beliefs. We talked about how we don't know the actual truth and how people have different views and that is ok. Then we took a poll of the class and made a pie chart of the smartboard. Just as I am wrapping it up, my principal walks in and just checks my class out. So, she didn't get to see how I was very politically correct and did it an a good way, she just sees that I am talking about how most people in the classroom believed the universe was created by one God. So, I don't know if she is thinking I am trying to be crazy and teach religion to my students or if she knows I wouldn't do that. I want a job from her or at least a reccomendation! I am going crazy! I need to talk to her on my plan.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In His Hands

On Thursday, the Cypress String Quartet from San Francisco invited all the elementary schools to see them play. Jane Addams loaded their 2nd-5th graders onto buses to go. My principal, Sheila Armstrong, sat down behind me and started chatting up with the other teachers and I. She then turns to me and asks if I want an interview for her school. I, of course, say yes. So, she started to interview me right there on the bus! She says she may have a pre-k position opening. That was encouraging.

Today I went to a job fair for Tulsa Public Schools. They had principals from every school there taking resumes and giving short interviews. I went hoping to find a job or get several interviews lined up at least. So, I made my rounds. School after school was not hiring, didn't know what positions were opening up or were having to cut several teachers already. However, lots of them took my resume telling me they always seem to need someone in the summer. Needless to say, it was not very encouraging.

I feel that I have done just about everything I can in order to get myself a job. Now, I am handing it to God. I honestly don't believe that after 16 years of giving me an immense passion and desire to be a teacher, He would put me in any other occupation. I know without a doubt that I am meant to teach young children. I hope He is holding out for the perfect job in a wonderful and supporting school. But there is always the chance He is holding out for the perfect job in a school torn apart from drama and an nonsupporting administration. Either way, I know he has a plan for me. My prayer is that I only get an offer from His perfectly selected school. That way, I don't have to deal with making a decision. I hate decisions!


Monday, April 20, 2009


In my last post I rambled on about being a sub and how the job is not so fun. Previous to the random sub jobs I was complaining about, I had the privilege to sub for a woman on maternity at Jane Addams Elementary in west Tulsa. It was fantastic to get to spend 8 weeks with the same kids, getting to know them and the faculty. I was very said when she returned and I had to hand the class back over. Well, after only two weeks of random subbing, Jane Addams told me that the other 5th grade teacher has left and wanted to know if I wanted the job for the rest of the year. Without hesitation I agreed! I was ecstatic to go back to my kids. So, here we are in the computer lab. I am trying to keep these stinkers quiet and focused on their task, not so easy! I have decided that if I can handle these crazy 5th graders, I can handle anything!

I just spent the entire weekend with family. We spent Friday night with Jake's family. Now, we are over there at least twice a week. Jake has two other brothers. One with a wife and a totally cute almost two year old boy, Trysten. The focus of everyone while at Papa's and Mimi's is this little boy. On Friday, we decided to fly the fish kite that Trysten got for Easter. It was hilarious watching all the boys try to get the kite in the air. They were running up and down the street with everyone yelling commands "run faster" "watch out for the tree" "let out the string". Trysten decided that since everyone else was yelling, he should too. He would just yell and scream, no real words just making noise. I guess he thought that yelling was part of kite flying.

On Saturday we went to my mom's and played a good 'ol game of Life. (Time out for biographical tidbit - My mom has a girlfriend named Christa. They have been together for 10 years. Christa's family has become a part of my family, it's just a part of my life.) Well, on Sunday, we went to the zoo for Christa's niece's birthday. Apparently she had to make sure that Jake was going to be there. Not me, whom she has known since birth, but my husband of less of one year. Needless to say we had a blast. Even though we were the only couple without kids, we ended up carrying kids more often than not. It's fun to be able to enjoy them for the day and then hand them back over!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Five More Months

Despite my dislike of these subbing jobs, I must admit it is a good experience for me. I now know the importance of leaving lesson plans, descriptions of classroom procedures, information on which kid is the one to watch out for. I also have learned that you should be absent as seldom as possible. These kids learn little and play a lot when there is a sub. No matter how well behaved they are for their teacher, they will inevitably 'act a fool' for another adult. It is also good for me to see all the different things that these teachers use in the classroom. It helps me get great ideas of what to do and not to do.

But I am so ready for my own classroom. I know it will be hard and trying my first year, but darnit, I have earned the right to teach my own classroom! I have wanted and worked to be a teacher since kindergarten. That is 16 years of dreaming, learning, working, brainstorming and gaining experiences to be the best teacher possible.

I guess five more months won't hurt me too much.