Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tricia Needs

Haha I am bored on lunch. Here is a fun thing I found on Valerie's blog. You put "your name and needs" in google and look what it says. Here are my results.

1. "Tricia needs more prayers please!!" - Haha who doesn't?

2. "Well, my friend Tricia needs major help! Her dad drinks all the time." - I won't even comment on this one!

3. "Tricia needs a captain with ferry, so she can.. get across that pond of hers without getting her feet wet when going to that Bushy Park of hers!" - what?

4. Tricia needs to burn those tarot cards. They are very evil and will guide her the wrong way.

5. Tricia needs to get a lawyer and see how much she can get from the old man.

6. Tricia needs your final payment by Monday. - Ha yes give me your money!

7. Tricia needs your help as she is planning for her year as President.

8. Tricia needs to turn 53 more or gain 1323 more Werewolf points to reach the next level: Savage Werewolf! Tricia should get out there and bite some people! ...

9. Tricia needs help, needs therapy, not the electric chair.

This made for a good laugh. My kids are being pretty crazy today. Man, I miss my age group!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to visit my grandma in Okmulgee. She wanted to take me to lunch. We ended up at Lil Peso's. I forgot how much I loved the white sauce :)

Sometimes I get frustrated with my friends. I feel like I give more than they do.

Then, with some people, I know they give more than me.

I have felt like crying all day. I'm not really sure why.

I have been with Jake's family all evening. Man, I love my nephew. Of course Jake spent the night in the bedroom watching basketball.

It's getting close to hiring time for all the schools. I am anxious and ready to hear from someone. I am a little nervous with the budget cuts all across the state.

I miss my Tahlequah friends, especially Danielle :(

I went to San Antonio and went to Sea World and Fiesta Texas. I got to see Shamu! Praise God for the majestic creatures He created!

I think I need some God time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

She is Here!

Here is Katelynn Elizabeth Clark. She was born at 11:38 pm on Saturday, March 7th. She was 7lbs and some ounces. Perfect and health! Mother is doing fine as well. Sierra and I went to visit them just a few minutes ago. It was so sweet to see them. Chris just stared at Katelynn and smiled the entire time. They looked terrible from everything but they had this wonderful glow! I am very excited for them.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Katelynn is On Her Way!

So, Alisha called me today at 12:45 pm and left a message to tell me she is having the baby! I don't know anything else, they won't answer their phones (no surprise). All I know is where. I am sure I will get a call later. So, pray for them! I will post pictures as soon as I get some!