Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to visit my grandma in Okmulgee. She wanted to take me to lunch. We ended up at Lil Peso's. I forgot how much I loved the white sauce :)

Sometimes I get frustrated with my friends. I feel like I give more than they do.

Then, with some people, I know they give more than me.

I have felt like crying all day. I'm not really sure why.

I have been with Jake's family all evening. Man, I love my nephew. Of course Jake spent the night in the bedroom watching basketball.

It's getting close to hiring time for all the schools. I am anxious and ready to hear from someone. I am a little nervous with the budget cuts all across the state.

I miss my Tahlequah friends, especially Danielle :(

I went to San Antonio and went to Sea World and Fiesta Texas. I got to see Shamu! Praise God for the majestic creatures He created!

I think I need some God time.

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Jaclyn.... said...


thanks for the comment :) but i had to reject it b/c it said too many details! :( I'm trying to be extra cautious right now with security.

I enjoyed reading your post. sometimes life is just...random. You will find your Tulsa groove soon, i'm sure. Big changes are difficult are a while.

love you and miss you!

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