Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting Ready for Jackson

We have slowly been getting more and more ready for this little boy to become a part of our lives.

We have had the room painted for awhile. And we picked up some furniture the other day.

Notice the brightness of the walls. Turns out that the color we picked out is a little bright. And I wouldn't want to repaint it, so I'm not going to ask Jake to. We will just work with it. We finally got some blinds up, that helped a lot. We are on the hunt for actual curtains and I'm betting that will help even more. I just plan to get decor that is more muted to balance it all out.

We went to register on Friday and I registered for this adorable little bedding set.

I have been calling around about childcare, which has been an adventure! And I signed us up for birthing classes today. That, I'm sure, will be another adventure.

I am so excited to have this little boy in my arms.

Baby Boy Update

I wanted to follow up on my last post. It was supposed to end with the fact that I am over the whole thing but I guess I left that part out.

After about three days and one good cry (while my husband laughed at my silly worries of not knowing what to do with a boy), I took a deep breath and embraced this baby's boyness with all my heart.

Please know that I understand there are so many people out there that just want a baby, regardless of gender. And please understand that I realize how selfish I was to even have such feelings, trust me I had a good cry about that guilt as well. I did not mean to come across as complaining, I just wanted to express my thoughts.

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a BOY!

Meet my baby boy...

The ultrasound was very overwhelming. All of the sudden I went from having a baby to having a SON, a little boy whose name is Jackson. (His middle name is still TBD). I'm going to be the mother of stinky boy, who gets dirty and will someday become a teenager. AHHHHH!

They checked his lips, palette, kidneys, heart, and brain. It was amazing to watch it all. His little mouth was moving like crazy. It was like he was talking to us.

But I have a confession...

I was a little bit sad that it was a boy...

I feel like a horrible person for it! I love this little boy so much already but have you seen the selection of boy clothes? It's pathetic compared to all the clothes they have for girls. I was really looking forward to hair bows and dresses.

It is all my fault, really. I felt from the beginning that it was a boy. Everyone told me it was a boy because I wasn't sick and I didn't crave sweet things. But I still held out and was hoping it was a little girl.

But it I have learned anything from this pregnancy, it is that God knows what he is doing. I wanted to be pregnant 9 months earlier than it happened and I wanted a girl. Maybe someday I will know why get gave me a son to be born in December and maybe I won't. Either way, I trust that God has a plan for our family and for our son. I just pray that we do everything possible to keep this little boy on track to fulfill God's plan. Will you pray the same?