Friday, July 17, 2009


Wicked was amazing! We had great seats, 10 rows from the stage. It felt like we were right there with them. It had great music and was just funny! 

I got all dolled up, after Jake questioned why it was taking so long, then we went downtown to eat. We ate at a little mexican restaurant, El Guapos, it was very tasty. Then headed to the show. I was worried that Jake wouldn't like it. But he thought it was "brilliant." I think this was a good show to introduce him to musicals. Hopefully, he will take me to more of them! We also ran into Cody and Breanna there. They also enjoyed it. 

I have spent the week at a workshop called Great Expectations. It's for teachers. It was good, a little boring at times, but good information to know. 

Saturday, July 11, 2009


For my birthday and our anniversary, Jake bought us tickets to see the Broadway Musical Wicked. The musical tells the story of what happened before Dorothy dropped in. It is the tale of what made the Wicked Witch so wicked. It was originally a novel by Gregory McGuire and they took it and made a musical. I have read the book and heard the soundtrack. I am super excited to go and see this. I LOVE all performing arts, especially musicals. Our seats are fantastic! Seven rows from the orchestra.

And for this special occasion, I got a new dress...

And shoes....
This is the first time that I have wanted to get so dressed up since our wedding. It is really nice to have a special occasion to look forward to. I hope we get more of these opportunities in the future.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Jake's Foot

So, I realized that I never posted about Jake's foot. Let me tell you a little story:

Mabe and Toni had come over to visit on a Friday evening. We wanted to do something. It was between ice cream and bowling. Mabe and I wanted ice cream and Toni and Jake wanted to go bowling. Eventually, Mabe and I caved and we went bowling at Andy B's in Jenks. We got our shoes and programed our names in and started bowling. As Jake threw the ball for the first time, he sort of twisted his left foot onto the side but kept bowling. After two more frames he began to talk about how much the top of his foot was hurting, he even said that he might have to go to the hospital. Well, needless to say, I was skeptical. Jake is kind of a big baby when it comes to these things, and it often turns out to not be so bad in the end. I told him to see how it felt in a little bit, and to quit bowling and elevate his foot. So the rest of us finished our game and headed home. By this time he wasn't able to put weight on his foot. I told him to ice it and we would see how it felt in the morning.

Ok, before you think I am a horrible person, let me explain myself to you. Once, when we were still dating, I got a phone call from Jake at 4:30 in the morning. He had been getting sick all evening and was convinced that he needed to go to the ER. Being the sweet girlfriend I was, I took him. After three hours and one missed class later, the doctor told him his stomach was just empty and the acid in his stomach was giving him cramps. He gave him an antacid and told him to go to bed and try to eat something after a few hours. Ever since, I have been skeptical of his need to go to the ER often. Not only was I thinking it wasn't so bad, I was also worried about money. I didn't want to have to pay hundreds of dollars for the doctor to tell us it was a sprained muscle.

Back to the story: It wasn't feeling better the next day, so he called in and we decided to wait it out a little longer. He iced it and kept taking ibuprofen. At this point, it was only hurting him when he put weight on it. After there had been no progress on Saturday night, we decided we would go to urgent care on Sunday morning. The doctor did an x-ray and sure enough, the bone leading to his pinky toe was fractured. They put him in a boot and told him not to work.

So, he went 6 weeks without working. He got very bored but enjoyed his time off. Except of course, the fact that he wasn't getting paide. He finally went back to the doctor this past Thursday and he said it was healing fine, that he could go back to a shoe and return to work. Needless to say, this was a big relief for us to get him back working and having something to do during the day!

Praise God that we are just now having a crunch with our money. But Jake will get paid in two weeks and it will all be back to normal. I love how God will provide in times like this.