Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 2009

In 2009....

- I began subbing for Tulsa Public and found out that subs do not have easy jobs.

- Jake transferred to Wal-Mart in Tulsa.

- We helped Sierra and Jerad move and paint their new home.

- I got a long term sub position at Addams Elementary School. I was covering for Susan Henderson while she was on maternity. It was a fifth grade class. I taught reading and social studies. Man, that was a learning experience! The biggest thing I learned was that it is important to balance the "I'm a person you can trust and talk to" teacher side with the "I am an adult and you will respect me" teacher side.

- We joined First Baptist Church Tulsa and began to enjoy ourselves in our lifegroup.

- I went with FBC to San Antonio on a spring break trip chaperoning 5th, 6th and 7th graders.

- Jake spent a lot of time looking for, applying and interviewing at various jobs in Tulsa. None of which gave him a job.

- My 8 weeks at Addams was up and I left to regular subbing.

- Two weeks after leaving, I got a call back from Addams. The other 5th grade teacher had to leave and the principal asked if I could cover his class for the rest of the year.

- We began to think about taking advantage of the first time home buyers tax credit of $8000.

- Jake broke his foot while bowling. Only my husband! This put him out of work for 6 weeks.

- My principal offered me a prek position at Addams for the 2009-2010 school year! My first teaching job!

- I began making friends with my new colleagues.

- I watched my fifth graders graduate elementary school and see how nervous they were about middle school.

- I worked at FBC Day Camp. I was a counselor for the kindergarten class.

- We toured a model home in Sand Springs, OK and feel in love with the idea.

- We went down to Dallas, TX to see my cousin graduate from High School. It was fun to catch up with family and just have time away.

- After a few weeks of talking and prayer, we decided to build a home in Sand Springs.

- I went to Literacy First Phase 1 training and Great Expectations Methodology classes.

- We watched our foundation being poured and the frame go up!

- Jake finally got released to go back to work.

- I spent way to much money on my classroom and began to make it my own.

- Jake continued to look for jobs outside of Wal-Mart.

- I survived my first day of school and from that I knew I would be ok.

- I began to become very good friends with my colleagues, began the residency process and how learned just how hard teaching can be.

- I started studying the book of John at Bible Studies Foundations.

- I realized I love my students and my job.

- We continued to watch our house go up. We made choices on colors, carpets, layout, stained concrete, door style, fireplace location, lights, appliance, cabinets and many others!

- For the first time, we didn't have to live paycheck to paycheck and had good health insurance.

- I realized how necessary school breaks are for both teachers and students.

- I learned that schools have politics. A lot of politics. Luckily, I had good friends to help me learn how to avoid as much of this as possible and how to play the game.

- We went to Tahlequah for Homecoming and enjoyed visiting Bob and Deb, Mike and Danielle, other friends and our old church!

- We closed on our home, moved in and unpacked all in one weekend.

- We went to Broken Bow, OK to visit my Granny and family for Thanksgiving.

- Jake got a different position at Wal-Mart that he enjoys much more.

- We decorated our home and celebrated our second Christmas.

And through the whole year...

- We saw God working in our lives and our families and friends.

- We continued to grow in our relationship with each other. We realized marriage was something you always had to work on and communicate about.

- We had some fights and we learned and grew from them!

- I missed some old friends, gained some more and grew in my relationship with others.

For 2010...

- We will see what happens...

- My one main resolution is to get healthy! I am calorie counting, eating healthier and trying to be more active. Hopefully, I will stay motivated and continue to work toward this.

I hope your 2010 is all that you hope for!