Monday, April 27, 2009


So, for science we are learning about space for the rest of the year. I just started the unit today. I want to cover every aspect we can. Well, today was the first day. We talked about the universe. Of course, the question is, who created the universe? I wanted to talk about the different views of my students and the world. I presented it in an even way, not showing my beliefs. We talked about how we don't know the actual truth and how people have different views and that is ok. Then we took a poll of the class and made a pie chart of the smartboard. Just as I am wrapping it up, my principal walks in and just checks my class out. So, she didn't get to see how I was very politically correct and did it an a good way, she just sees that I am talking about how most people in the classroom believed the universe was created by one God. So, I don't know if she is thinking I am trying to be crazy and teach religion to my students or if she knows I wouldn't do that. I want a job from her or at least a reccomendation! I am going crazy! I need to talk to her on my plan.


Jaclyn.... said...

Rule #1: Honor God.

Do what you have to do, but never water down the truth.


Jaclyn.... said...

Never give up in freedom what does in persecution would never give up.

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