Thursday, April 9, 2009

Five More Months

Despite my dislike of these subbing jobs, I must admit it is a good experience for me. I now know the importance of leaving lesson plans, descriptions of classroom procedures, information on which kid is the one to watch out for. I also have learned that you should be absent as seldom as possible. These kids learn little and play a lot when there is a sub. No matter how well behaved they are for their teacher, they will inevitably 'act a fool' for another adult. It is also good for me to see all the different things that these teachers use in the classroom. It helps me get great ideas of what to do and not to do.

But I am so ready for my own classroom. I know it will be hard and trying my first year, but darnit, I have earned the right to teach my own classroom! I have wanted and worked to be a teacher since kindergarten. That is 16 years of dreaming, learning, working, brainstorming and gaining experiences to be the best teacher possible.

I guess five more months won't hurt me too much.

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