Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Mom

My mother is an amazing woman. She is not perfect (who is?) but she is spectacular. Here are some reasons why...

10. She makes the best meatloaf ever!

9. She never rambles away on the phone. She doesn't even like to talk on the phone!

8. She is a great multitasker. This woman can accomplish a million things at once.

7. She is an amazing googler. This woman can find anything about anything by simply searching for it. (I got this trait from her :)

6.She never gives up.... on anything!

5. Her house could pass as a hospital, it is that clean! I got my cleaning habits from her (although I don't do it as often as she does). The best way to clean is with the radio blaring some great music like Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, etc.

4. She gives great gifts and I can always tell that she enjoys giving them. She always knows exactly what to get me for Christmas and my birthday. I know that she puts a lot of effort into picking it out and finding it for me.

3. She will do anything for her friends and family. I have to be careful what I say around her! If we are out shopping and I happen to mention that I want/need any random and unimportant thing she will search high and low for that one thing for me.

2. She has an amazing work ethic. She works her tail off about 360 days of the year. If there is something to do, she will get it done and get it done the right way.

1. She always finds a way to overcome obstacles. She has not had the easiest time of things in her lifetime (as it is with most of us). But she has found a way to get through every situation and better herself through it all.

(Sorry this is a picture of a picture but I don't have any digital
pictures of us on hand).

I love her so much and I am proud to be her daughter!