Friday, October 31, 2008


Oh my! Being a teacher involves so much more than I ever realized! Today was Halloween and let me tell you, this school does it big. We haven't really been able to do any work these past two days, but they kids have enjoyed it very much! ALL the teachers dress up (in my building we were referees), there was a school-wide carnival and lots of candy! Let me tell you, the kids were hard to keep calm by the end of the day. We eventually gave up and took them to the playground.

Have I mentioned how much I love my profession? I love watching these kids learn things, accomplish tasks, make friends and make good choices without being told. Of course, there is often a lot of other things in between these like: bad choices, failed spelling tests, CONSTANT limit pushing and attitudes. BUT I LOVE IT ALL! First grade is a lot different from kindergarten. These kids are getting more into their personalities and interests. It is really fun to see that bloom. I can't wait until I have my own classroom!

Jake and I are doing well! I still LOVE living with a boy :) I look forward to our first holiday season as a married couple. Things like decorating our first Christmas tree, going to family dinners and sending our Christmas cards will be a whole lot of fun. I am not looking forward to deciding on our future home. I hate the idea of leaving our church. That is mainly because finding a new one will mean getting out of my box! :\ We are still in the praying phrase.

I am off to do some Halloween things at my pastors house. Yay for fellowship!

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