Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Life Lately

It has been a few weeks, so I decided that I needed to post again. 

Jake and I are 99.9% sure that we are moving to Tulsa over Christmas break. We will be looking for apartments (blech) next week. I do not look forward to the actual moving part. But I am excited as to what God will do with us. We haven't really broadcasted anything yet, I am scared to hurt people if anything changes. 

I am loving my internship. I only have two weeks left. That makes me sad. I feel like I am a part of the school and this class. My current teacher has been really good in letting me handle a lot of what is going on in the classroom. I teach all but one subject now. It is fun and stressful :) She was gone for three days last week. So I was the teacher (there was a sub for legal reasons but I was in charge). It was a lot of fun and definitely the most realistic view of teaching that I have had so far. I go tomorrow to fill out paperwork with Tulsa Public. Hopefully I can get on for the spring! That would be a major blessing. 

Jake and I are great. Sometimes it scares me how great we are. Does that make sense? Like this is too good to be true. Just you wait! Jake got Thanksgiving off at Wal-Mart (major blessing) so we will get to see our families. I am excited for the holidays to come. 

Know that I am always reading your blogs. I don't always comment because I don't always know what to say. But I am thinking of you often and praying for you! Love you!

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Jaclyn.... said...

Oh, T-rish!!!
I just love the fact that you blog for me! It makes me smile like crazy!

I'm so excited for you and all the changes that are happening. Change is scary, huh?! But it definitely gives us a chance to trust and spend lots more time praying than we normally might!

That's so cool that you're loving teaching. (like you wouldn't...!?!?) Whoever hires you will be blessed to have you.

Too good to be true?! Yeah, i can understand. :)

Thanks for always reading what I ramble on and on about, and of course, thanks for praying!
Love ya!