Friday, November 28, 2008


Jake and I enjoyed our Thanksgiving. We came to Tulsa on Tuesday and had dinner at Sierra and Jerad's. She is a yummy cook! On Wednesday we went apartment hunting. That is a very overwhelming task in Tulsa. But we think we found it! It's a little townhouse on 65th & Mingo. Not very big but it will do and is for a good price. Moving means we had to pass our kittens on to a new home. His brother took them in. Pet deposits are huge in Tulsa! We are excited about all this but moving is a big task. We looked at how much it costs to rent a U-Haul, just over $100! Yikes! But we need one so we know it will have to happen (stay tuned for more).

Wednesday night we went to his family's place. I sat in the kitchen and talked to his mom and helped her make dinner. I love feeling a part of their family! You can tell she loves having daughters around.

Thursday we drove to Broken Bow (3.5 hours south of Tulsa). My dad's mom lives there. We recently found out she has Parkinson's disease and has been falling a lot. It is scaring the family and making us realize that her time left may be short. So, everyone went down there. It was neat to have everyone together and this was Jake's first chance to get to know everyone. He fit right in and everyone loved him. It was a great and relaxing day.

Remember the U-Haul issue? As we were leaving my aunt gave us $20 for gas money and my Granny slipped us $100 for graduation money. Isn't God awesome? In every little way He has taken care of us. I hate leaving our church but I feel that this is what God wants us to do right now. So, Tulsa here we come!


Jaclyn.... said...

hey tricia!

sounds like you had a good thanksgiving. thanks for thinking of me :)

Tulsa will definitely be different for you guys, but i'm confident God will provide you with a wonderful church family. The cool thing about being a Christian is that you have family wherever you go. :)

Love ya!!!

MM said...

Yay for God! I love how He always provides! I happened to be looking at others who had the interest "loving God" and I was so surprised by your last name - it's mine, too!!