Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Got a Job Offer!

So, my biggest news is that I just got a job offer with Tulsa Public. I just interviewed with the Director of Human Resources. After I few questions he said, "Well, I am just going to scrap the rest of the normal questions because I already can tell that you are a great teacher"! That felt good to hear. Although, I had to think, "Does he tell everyone that?" I am guaranteed a job for the fall and there is about a 50% chance I could have a job for the spring. I have ten days to accept the offer. It is kind of scary because I have no idea where He wants us. Plus, I haven't even spoken with any other schools yet (though there are no positions available at any schools near Tahlequah). I love Tahlequah but our family is in Tulsa (and Sierra :). I am going to do some serious talking with Him about this.

Other than that, life has just been plugging along. Jake has decided that he wants to be a cop in Tahlequah. Which is kind of random, but Jake is very random. I guess this job offer of mine throws a twist into all of that. :\ Again, lots of talking with Him!

In other news: Ed and Connie Baker, the director of missions for the association have decided to retire. So please lift us up in finding new people for this position. I am very sad, they are such a sweet little couple and they are true servants!

That's all I have!

Miss you!

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Jaclyn.... said...

Thanks for keeping me updated on life! :)
Sounds like there are lots of decision to make. But that's ok because it gives you a chance to pray, trust, and obey. All very difficult words at times, but also words that bring joy.

Yes, you are a great teacher. You will continue learn and grow and become an even greater teacher as the years go on.

I wouldn't think that Jake would like the high stress of being a cop! But, what do i know?! :)

Keep me posted! I love the updates!