Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trying to Get Back

First, let me show you some pictures of how our house building is going...
I took these yesterday. It looks like they are about to pour the foundation. Here is the front.
Here it is close up. I can only tell you a little about what is going on. The wood is the frame for the concrete. The white you see is a tarp that is covering lots of dirt. The black lines that make a grid are cables that help make sure the foundation is good and sturdy. And the black things standing up are the pipes for plumbing and electrical.

This is our backyard. It dips off into a creek.

Last week we went and picked out things for our home. We picked out: carpet color, stained concrete color, the brick (black and reds), the siding color (a light yellow), the front door color (red), cabinets style and color, and indoor paint and trim. All we have left is lighting and appliances. Picking out things for a house is very tricky. You have to pick it out so fast and you are hoping the whole time that it all goes together. I never realized how many choices there are in building a home! I can't wait to see it all done.

The school year is fast approaching. I only have one week left of daycamp and then I have a week free until I have to report to the school. I will spend that free week, working on my classroom and getting as much done as I can to make it look nice, organized and functional. I am getting nervous and excited all at once. We have our first faculty meeting tomorrow from 9-2pm. It will be nice to see everyone again and plan for the year. I hope I am a good pre-k teacher!

Ok, down to business. Since, I have graduated and left the BCM and supportive Bob and Deb behind, I have been finding myself drifting from God. Not in any horrible way, I was still going to church and making the major decisions that I should. But not the little decisions, like truly trying to learn from the service and our Sunday school lessons, or spending time with him daily, or showing His love to others in as many ways as possible. (Ok, so those are horrible things to miss.) I was in what you call a 'rut'. It was starting to show in my attitude and in my marriage. Again, not in any major way, just little things. I have been quick to think of myself first, be snappy towards him, and just not feel so close to my husband. Before we got married, I never realized how much my relationship with God would reflect in my marriage. Our marriage is at its best when we are putting God first. I have known for awhile that I needed to get back on my feet but I was waiting. Waiting for what you ask? I dunno, some major break down or sign from God, some major problem in my life to bring me spiraling back to him, some great speaker or song that snaps me back in place. But after some prodding from God and watching my best friend get back on her feet, I realized that all I was waiting on was myself. I needed to make a decision to live for God on a daily basis because I want to and for no other reason. As I type this, I realize how simple that all is. Why did it take me so long?

So, in short, please pray that I will begin to live for God as an adult married woman, not some college girl with people to make sure she is doing her quiet times.

Jaclyn: I hope you enjoy your time with him. :)

Darla: I am glad you are settling in well. I hope you figure out the bus systems soon. You are so brave for traveling in a foreign place like that.


Darlan said...

Tricia, I am glad you shared your struggle of daily living for Dad. Believe me everyone goes through those periods, even 'brave' ones like me! haha! THe first step is to realize you have stepped away. Thinking about you, love ya!

Jaclyn.... said...


I agree with Darla. We all go through those ruts...the important thing is to come running to Him when you FIRST realize it! He's a GOOD father who loves us so much. Don't give up :)

I enjoyed your update and I'm excited about your home. Just like the foundation of your home, let Christ be the foundation of your life and marriage.

I did have a good time with him :) So thankful I had that opportunity.