Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am a REAL Teacher!

So, my first day with my kids was on Monday. The day went much better than I thought it would. I only had 2 criers! It was much harder to get them to sit and listen than I thought it would be. I also blanked several times throughout the day and would completely forget to do certain activities or not explain something well. It is definitely a learning process. I am still trying to get my classroom in a working order that works for my students, assistant and me.

I have already fallen in love with my kids! I have a few handfuls. C likes to think the schedule should go as she wants it. She will cry and pout if she can't have a turn on the computer or it isn't her day to be the leader. D is something else. I am pretty sure he has ADHD. He won't sit still for more than 1.5 minutes. No joke! And I am not trying to making them sit for long or anything crazy like that. I just want him to listen to one picture book or sit long enough to finish his snack! He definitely keeps me on my toes. S is a special little girl. She had brain trauma as a baby and is definitely behind. She is such a sweet heart though. This week has been a lot of playing games, singing songs and doing free centers (blocks, pretend center, puzzles, etc.) We will start with the heavy stuff next week. Hopefully we will have procedures down a lot better by then.

I never really realized just how hard this job is. Especially when you are just trying to get them to walk in a line! How in the world do you teach that? I just thought everyone was born knowing it. LOL. Oh the fun I am having. I am enjoying it and if it stays this crazy, I will lose some weight. I haven't had time to finish my meal all week.

In other news: I went to a Hillsong concert last night with Sierra. Jake knew we wanted to go and entered to win us tickets on Air 1 (a national Christian radio station). And he won! That was a major blessing. We wanted to go but the tickets were $45. We had such a great time. I was fantastic to be in a room of believers all singing to Dad! I enjoyed just watching the raised hands and people praising with all their hearts! Not to mention how great it felt to be in true worship again. It is hard for me to feel that in my Sunday services here. Sierra and I talked about how we didn't realize how great the BCM worship was until we didn't have it anymore. We were "lost in worship" as Sierra put it.

Sorry it took me so long to update. My life seems so crazy these days. To close here are a few pics of my kids

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Jaclyn.... said...

Sounds like you've got quite the handful!! BUT I'm so happy for you! Keep your eyes on Him this school year and remember that everyday you teach, you minister. Show them (kids and faculty)the peace, love, and joy of Christ. Looking forward to hearing more.