Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

I've really been wanting to join everyone in the daily "I'm thankful for" updates but I've been lazy. So, here it is all wrapped up into one post (in no particular order):

My husband - Sometimes he drives me batty, but man, I love him. I truly believe that God created us for each other because we just seem to fit so well together. I'm very thankful that we found each other and we continue to work on our relationship.

God - I'm thankful that He loves me despite all the other garbage in my heart and mind and was willing to die for me.

My job - I am thankful that I was blessed enough to find a career that I LOVE when so many other people are still looking for that. I am thankful that I have a full-time job that helps provide for my family.

My home - I am thankful that I have a warm place to stay and that we are blessed enough to be able to have things in our home that we don't "need".

My friends - I am thankful that I have people to share with in my life. We may share a lot of time or just a little. We may share common interests like teaching, God, or our alma mater. But I treasure all my friends both old and new.

My students - Some days I may not be so fond of them all but I am really thankful to have these 20 children in my life. They teach me so much and love me even when I'm not doing my best job.

My job at The Apple Tree - This gig came at a perfect time in my life. I am thankful that I have the ability to make extra money to help make things a little easier. And I am mostly thankful for all the wonderful ladies that work there. They embraced me from day one and it just feels like one big family there.

Jackson - I haven't even met him yet but I am so thankful for him. I thankful that God has blessed me with being able to conceive and carry him this far. I am thankful for getting to experience the good, the bad and the ugly of pregnancy - it really is a miraculous thing. I am thankful that God is trusting me to take care of this precious soul. And I am thankful for the transformation that has happened our marriage because of him.

My daddy - My dad is amazing. His life hasn't always been easy and he hasn't always made the right choices but I know he loves me more than I will ever understand. He has really worked hard to make things right in his life and I have really enjoyed watching that transformation. The best part is watching him get excited about Jackson. He is going to make one amazing grandfather.

My momma - I am thankful to have such a wonderful woman in my life. She loves with her whole self and I am thankful that I am one of the people that gets to feel that love. She is the hardest working person that I know (usually too hard of a worker) and she set a great example of what real work ethic is to my sister and I. She has had to deal with quite a lot in the past year and she has handled it with amazing grace and dignity.

My sister - Sometimes she drives me crazy but I am so thankful to have her in my life. We haven't always gotten along but I am glad for the relationship we have now. She is such an amazing, intelligent and beautiful woman and someday I hope she realizes her full potential. She could do anything she set her mind to but she just doesn't know it yet. I know she loves me more than she could probably express. I will forever remember her reaction of pure joy for me when she found out I was pregnant.

My in laws - I am always sad when I hear people talk negatively about their in-laws. I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family. They embraced every bit of me and I often joke to Jake that they will usually take my side over his.

My nephew - I never imagined how wonderful being an aunt really is until he came along. I am thankful that he has turned into such a healthy and bright boy despite his rough start. He is such a character and I really love watching him grow up. Jake and I still credit his birth as the reason we got back together.

My education - School has always been pretty easy for me. I am thankful to be able to learn in so many ways. And I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, so I always knew that college was going to be a must. I am thankful that I was able to go to college and find a way to pay for it all (even if I am still paying for it). I know that it was a luxury not everyone can have.

My husband's job - I know he doesn't enjoy 85% of it but I also know that it helps pay the bills. I know that someday he will find himself in a job he loves, whether that be a change in jobs or a change of heart. I pray that that day comes soon but until then I am thankful that he has a job that provides for us.

Books - I really enjoy reading! I thankful to be able to read and have an unlimited number of books ready for me to check out from our public library.

Food - I am thankful that I have never know what real hunger is like. I am thankful that I can eat just about anything I want. And I am thankful that I am a semi-good cook!

Hobbies - I am thankful that when I do make time for it, I have hobbies that I enjoy. Scrapbooking and general crafting are my go to hobbies. I am thankful that I have the abilities to enjoy such things.

Entertainment - With my ticket to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 sitting in my inbox, I can't help but be thankful for all the entertainment I have in my life. I think that is something we take for granted in the good 'ol U.S.

Being an American - I don't always agree with all that goes on here and sometimes I am down right frightened of the direction some things are going with our government, but I am thankful to be a member of this great nation. I am thankful that I was born with luxuries that some people in this world don't even know exist.

Our Military - I am thankful for those who have fought and are fighting for our freedom. I may not agree with the reasons they are fighting (I know some of them don't either) but I am thankful for the sacrifices they and their families make.

My Extended Family - I am surrounded by so many wonderful aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I am thankful to have them all in my life.

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