Monday, March 21, 2011

Part 1

I enjoy every aspect of children. From children's shows, movies, clothes, room decorations, toys, and books. To their laughter, tears, eduction, development and view on life. Even the dirty stuff doesn't deter me. Ok, puke bothers me, but I can handle slobber, spit up, pee and poop of all colors and variety. I am a teacher and I have worked in daycare and have spent countless hours in church nurseries across this country caring for children of all ages.

It has been this way all of my life. I can't remember a time that I wanted to be anything other than a teacher. I have always been drawn to children. ESPECIALLY babies. Don't believe me? Bring your child within 50 yards of me. Not only will I notice their presence, no matter what I am doing, but my eyes will light up and a smile will come to my face. I can't help it. I try to stop myself sometimes, but it's just part of me.

I walk around wal-mart trying to make babies smile, I read parenting magazines at any doctor's office, I will look at all photos of babies posted by my friends on facebook. It is just hardwired into my brain.

When working in daycare people would say to me, "I bet working there is good birth control!" Nope, not for me. I so enjoyed my time there. I learned SO MUCH about young children. I learned from the other workers most of whom were moms themselves. I learned a lot of good methods of parenting and lots of bad. And mostly, I learned to be comfortable with every (almost) aspect of young children. From diaper blow outs, acid reflux, being peed on, diaper rashes, yeast infections, burping, making bottles, breast milk, heart monitors. Not to mention a fire in the daycare and a toddler choking on a hair clip. Not only did these things not turn me away from parenting, they actually made me fall in love with the idea even more and feel more comfortable with it all!

You know what all these crazy (and sometimes a little creepy) things tell me? God created me to care for children. There is no doubt about that. And I am so glad (most of the time) that my job is to care for children. BUT I also believe that God created my in this way to be a mother.

To be continued...


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

So when are you going to do part 2? I'm totally waiting for you to say you're pregnant.


cssolomon said...

I truly think it takes a special person that has unconditional love for any and all children at all times :) The older I get and now that I have Christian I am definitely more maternal and understanding towards babies and kids. I never grew up around babies, so I always perceived them like a alien life form, lol. Matt and I recently volunteered for the first time in Christian's class @ chuch and I actually enjoyed myself. You're super awesome Trish :)