Friday, January 14, 2011

Back on the Horse

I know I've been gone from this awhile but I have not given up! I kind of slacked over the holidays. (You can see my weigh-ins to the left of this post.) I gained quite a bit over Thanksgiving but lost it the very next week. December had it's ups and downs. BUT I only gained 1 pound through it all and I have already lost it. So, now I am getting back on the horse!

I am incredibly proud of myself for only gaining 1 POUND through Christmas break. Usually it is 10-15 lbs. That in itself is a triumph for me. It shows me that I have learned better habits. While I was not tracking my Points, sorry PointsPlus values, I was able to indulge a little at events, eat well during most of the day and mostly keep on track. YAY! That indulgence included my mother-in-laws AMAZING peanut butter fudge! It is just heavenly. And I promise I ate my own body weight in that stuff!

I started a biggest loser competition at my school. We have 16 people competing. The winner will get our $5 entry fees for a total of $80! Now, that's what I call incentive! We have 8 weeks to lose the weight.

We had a great Christmas! We treated ourselves to more than we should have with a Wii, Jake's new cell phone, my beautiful necklace from Jake and a new coffee table - but hey - you only live once! That's how I'll make myself feel better anyway :)


Valerie said...

Go, Tricia! I am very impressed! Hopefully you'll smoke the competition at your school. ;)

cssolomon said...

That is so awesome Tricia! :) I haven't seen you in forever. Good job on all the weight loss - in the words of Joe Dirt, "Keep keepin' on" :)