Friday, April 15, 2011

How We Found Out

Here is how we found out...

As you know, we have been trying for several months now. I was basically just testing every month and there would be only one line (negative) and I would have that monthly visitor the next day.

It was April 7th, a Thursday. I was taking my pre-k class on a field trip to the zoo. It was sure to be a crazy day. My husband had taken the day off and was coming with us. I woke up early that morning because I was nervous about the trip. I had been rather tender lately and my trusty iphone app told me that I was due to start the next day. I decided to go ahead and take a test. I left my sleeping husband in bed and went into the bathroom that is connected to our bedroom.

I sat the test on the counter to wash my hands and I was watching as the color started to spread and then there was one line and then another line. I immediately started to cry. I pulled out the instructions, even though I knew them by heart, and it was positive. I was crying in disbelief and I really didn't know what to do.

Then I hear, "Tricia, are you ok. What's wrong?" from my sleepy-voiced husband. So, I walk in there with the test and show it to him. He immediately says, "Get your pee stick away from me." I laughed through my tears and told him that there was a cap on it. So, he starts to squint and try to see what it says. (He is blind as a bat without his glasses/contacts on). He said, "I don't know what the means." I said, "It's positive." He says, "Positive?" And then be pulled me back into bed with and we lay there and I'm crying and we let it soak in.

We both noticed that the test line was sort of faint. I checked the instructions again and it says that it was still a positive. But we both decided that it would be best to be quiet about it for now. It was so much fun walking around the zoo with my students and their parents while my husband and I had our little secret.

I had big plans for telling Jake in some really cool way but that didn't happen. He told me later that he thought I was crying because it was negative again. I am still laughing about the whole thing. I guess life never turns out the way you want. But I'm completely ok with this way =)

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cssolomon said...

LOL great story :) I'm so happy for you :)