Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As You Wish...

Sorry I haven't been updating much. It was easier during the school year when I got online everyday. 

My last update tells you that we were thinking of building a home. Well, after looking at what houses were on the market and finding nothing at all close to what we want, we went for it. We signed a contract to build a home. We are building a three bedroom, two bath, two care garage,  1700 square feet home. With a nice sized yard, jacuzzi bath tub and private toilet in the master bathroom.  I am a little nervous, a house is a lot of money and a big commitment. But very excited! The nice thing is, that if something were to happen and we needed out of the contract, they would let us get out. That is only because we are building in a housing addition and they will always be able to sell it to someone else. The builder has been super helpful, given us great deals and kept us up to date on everything.

Here is a picture of us in front of our sold sign. (Even though we actually haven't paid anything yet)

Here is what our lot looks like. Without the house of course :)

I am spending my days working at the Daycamp at FBC Tulsa. I work with the kindergarten class. They keep me busy. It is a lot less structured than school, so that was hard to get used to. We go to the pool and the park twice a week and a special trip once a week. So, we are out of the building everyday. 

I have been busy making things for my classroom. I know it will be a crazy year, so the more I get done now, the better I think it will be. I am very excited and nervous. (There seem to be a lot of things in my life to be nervous about these days, lol.) 

I have also been reading a lot. Lately, it's been the Harry Potter Series. I am on book 6 out of 7 these days. I have been reading a book and then watching the movie. I wanted to get ready for the new movie. Next, it will be The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Wicked. That is to get ready to musical Wicked (super excited about this). 

Jake and I celebrated our one year anniversary and we are still making it! 


eastasia said...

just wondering...;) can you put another clock up on your profile?!

eastasia said...

Thank you! now I know the time! :)
Love yas!