Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad Day

So, my kids today are crazy. It is very frustrating, as a teacher, to never have calm in your classroom. I am not made for these fifth graders. I miss my young kids!

We are getting a lot back in taxes! Exciting! We knew this so we purchased a much needed washer and dryer. We planned to pay for these with taxes. Now, we find out that Jake's Jeep is messed up. It is going to cost almost $900 to fix it and he needs new tires. We don't have that money. It is so frustrating. We planned to start saving for a home and getting my loans paid off quickly. But these things just keep racking up.

Jake applied for a job. It looked really good, but he didn't get it. I really wanted him to get it. One, to have the extra money and two, for him to have something he enjoys doing.

As I sit here, I know I am keeping this all and giving none to God. We had this really great plan but I guess that's not in God's plan. I need to give this to God and let Him take it. I wish such a thing came easier to me.

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Jaclyn.... said...

First of all...I miss you.

Second of matthew 6:24 through.....i dont remember.
(don't worry).
Easier said than done, of course!

These are difficult times...the beginning of your marriage with no money...and it's the perfect time to watch God provide for you in the craziest ways. Enjoy the ride.

I love you!!!!!!